O Ring / O Ring Kit

Dalian Yingyu Co., Ltd. manufacture rubber O Ring on standard and non-standard, including American standard (AS 568), English standard (BS 1516), Japanese standard (JIS B 2401) and Metric standard(ISO 3601/1).
We also manufacture the O Ring Kit and O Ring Cord on Metric or Imperial standard.
The materials include Nitrile, Viton, H-Nbr, Aflas, Hypalon , Kalrez, EPDM, Silicone and NSF/FDA compliant materials. More info on materials.
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O Ring Kit

,  Metric and Imperial standard is available.
,  Ex-stock includes BOX G(30sizes 382pcs), BOX H(30size 404pcs), BOX K(32size 407pcs), BOX F(32size 369pcs) etc.
,  Custom O Ring Kits are available.
Download O RING KIT CATEGORY for O Ring Kit details.
o ring, rubber ring, as 568, bs1516, metric, imperial

O Ring

,  AS568, BS-1516, JIS-B-2401, Metric standard are available. The non-standard O Rings are also available.
,  The large-size and super large-size o rings are very competitive.
,  NSF61 or FDA21 compliant materials are available.
Download O RING CATEGORY for O Ring details.
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O Ring Cord

,  Metric and Imperial standard is available.
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